For all those lovey-dovey couples out there, Valentine’s Day is a glorious day. For those who are single (like me) it is by far the most depressing day of the year. I’m more of a Pancake Day kinda girl.

I spend most Valentine’s singing “All By Myself” and laughing at my own jokes. In all my life I’ve had 1 valentine. When I was 9. He was my school crush for years and one Valetnine’s Day he came to my house, knocked on my door, and gave me a bunch of roses and a huge teddy bear. And we were 9! Look and learn boys. This was the peak of my love life, since then it’s all been downhill. In secondary school they used to sell roses that we could buy and anonomously send to our ‘valentine’ during registration. This was just cruel. EVERY YEAR the glamorous, popular girls would always get at least 1 rose (sometimes 2), whilst the regular nobodies like me had to sit there and be reminded that nobody loved us. Every year. For 5 years. Nowadays I always get 1 card on Valentine’s Day – from my Dad. He’ll send a card with a long, lovely message to make me feel less sorry for myself. I still feel sorry for myself though. BUT this Valentine’s, I actually have something to do that doesn’t require a date…

On the 14th February I’m gonna be gigging a THE TROUBADOUR LONDON.

C’est outside…

C’est inside…

C’est downstairs…LOL at trying to squeeze 6 musicians on that stage.

So if you’re single on Valentine’s Day and wanna chill out to some live music, or if you do have a date and not sure where to go, then come and see me and my full band ‘The Vintage Youth’ at The Troubadour. We’re gonna be doing 2x 45minute sets with my originals and some romantic covers. Doors open at 8PM. Tickets are £6 in advance or £8 on the door. OR if you and your partner fancy it, there are Valentine Tickets available: £50 Three Course Dinner for 2; includes carafe of house red wine plus entry to the show. If you’re up for it then drop me a message on my Facebook or Twitter page, or leave a comment below with you and your loved one’s names and I’ll dedicate a little song for you.

It’s gonna be a lovely night whether you’re single or not, so come down and enjoy your 2017 Valentine’s Day!

Click here to book your tickets.



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