When I released my debut single ‘The Girl’, many people asked me, “Who is ‘The Girl’?” Quite a few people thought I’d written it about myself. If you listen to the lyrics of the song, I’m not that cool. ‘The Girl’ is in fact a funny, independent, loud, out-spoken, controversial, glamorous, ballsy, beautiful, genuine, one-of-a-kind woman, and here’s how I met her…

When I was 18 I started my first job as a barmaid in a pub. A nice little part-time job 10 minutes from my home in Essex, and I have been there ever since. I’d just come out of school and was already extremely anxious and shy to face the so-called ‘real world’ that they bang on about in school. I got this job and I was a pathetic, trembling wreck. On my first shift I dropped an entire tray of glasses, served pints with more froth than beer, hid in the glass washing area, I felt so sorry for myself that I would have been quite happy if in those hours the ground had swallowed me up. On top of that, I was under the wing of this girl who absolutely scared the shit out of me. She’d worked there for a year, she was 21 at the time but had been a barmaid since she was 18. You could hear her from a mile off, either singing (loudly), arguing (usually) or moaning about her current status with her on/off boyfriend (the topic of conversation 9/10). She had a full head of long platinum blonde hair, with bright red lips and amazing boobs. I’d stay out of her way and I wouldn’t look her in the eye, likewise she wouldn’t really speak to me. I think she thought I was a twat. She’s one of those girls that you’re quick to judge, but I soon learnt that there was so much more to her.

I was once behind the bar, still panicking and messing up orders. I remember pouring a pint and I felt ‘the girl’ walk up behind me. She said, “Calm down girl. Don’t worry. I was 18 once too.” That was a huge turning point for me. It was such a small comment, but it made me think, ‘wow’. Everybody at some point in their lives has to grow up and face the world and take new steps, and at some point everybody feels vulnerable. But you’ve got to find confidence, or at least pretend to be confident. So I’d seen this new caring side to ‘the girl’, and over time I started to feel more comfortable around her. We’d talk more and more, and I started to see a proper funny side to her too. The more I got to know her, the more fascinating she was. One time the cooler went in the cellar so nothing on tap was cold. ‘The girl’ poured a pint for somebody, who came back 2 minutes later and said that their pint was warm. So ‘the girl’ just grabbed a tonne of ice, chucked in their pint and said, “There ya go.” She did not care, and she definitely wouldn’t take shit from anyone. If a customer was rude she wouldn’t let it slide, and that’s when I realised that no matter who you are or what job you do, you don’t have to take rudeness from people in the ‘real world’.

I remember sitting in a bar with ‘the girl’ after work. We’ve had many brilliant (probably drunk) conversations. But this one time she was giving me her tips for working the bar. She said, “You just gotta go out and be like ‘Alright boys, what d’ya want? I’m sorry but I ain’t on the menu…’” and I thought, OMG that would be great in a song. At this point I hadn’t written a full song but was desperate to start. I’d never had much to write about, but this was definitely my inspiration. From that night I kept my eye on ‘the girl’, singing potential lines in my head whenever she’d say or do something outrageous. When I finally finished the song I played it to her, and that was the first time I saw her cry (happy tears). But to this day she’ll still say, “I can’t believe you wrote a song about me, no one’s ever written a song about me.”

Sadly, she doesn’t work at the pub anymore. I do miss her extremely loud rants. We were never best mates, but we did however have a huge amount of respect for each other. I have to hand it to her, she was a huge part in helping me grow up and I have so much more confidence now. Long gone are the ‘nervous wreck’ days. I have never met anybody like this amazing girl and don’t think I ever will again. If I had an alter ego, it would be ‘the girl.’ She’s just fabulous.

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