Valentine’s Day can do one. It’s all about Pancake Day!!! That’s the real celebration.  Unfortunately this year I didn’t get to flip the pancakes…ya girl was busy. But my mum made some banging pancakes. Pancakes are just an incredible invention. There are so many variations. Are you more of an English pancake person, or an American pancake person? And what about the toppings? These are the important decisions in life. I will now continue with the most pointless blog I’ve written to date and that is my favourite pancake toppings. Now I say that this is a pointless post, but this could get controversial…


I know, a little plain-Jane. But lemon and sugar is a classic. This is more of a summer breakfast option me thinks. But it’s a standard.


The dessert option. If you’re wanting a bit of sweetness in your life, then you can’t go wrong with strawberries and chocolate chips can you?


Bit of a curve ball option, a bit outside-the-box. This is the topping I’d get strange looks for. But if you love peanut butter like me, then why not chuck it on your pancakes? Preferably with chocolate chips.


Don’t shoot me, but I never used to like maple syrup very much. HOWEVER, I recently had my mum’s American pancakes with maple syrup and créme fraîche. Orgasmic.


This is the one. You can put nutella on my pancakes any time you want, and leave the pot and the spoon. Winner all day long.

And just as a bonus point, have you ever tried savoury pancakes? Doesn’t taste as insulting as it sounds. They’re actually pretty good.

I lost my savoury pancake virginity on a boat in Wells, Norfolk. It’s called the Albatros. The Website handle is We go there every year around Christmas time. A Proper quirky restaurant with the weirdest savoury pancakes (if you’re gonna order the stilton pancake then brace yourself for the smell!). And if you ever go to this boat, beware that the stairs are very steep and if you walk down them backwards, like a ladder, then you will get some strange looks from the punters – I speak from experience. But they do great food and drink and they also have live music – who knows, may get myself an impromptu gig there soon! It would make an excellent Sofar Sounds location for a Sofar gig…..WITH PANCAKES!!

So that’s my most pointless post to date. If you’ve read this then you have too much time on your hands. But if you have any more time to spare then comment with your thoughts. If you’ve got a random pancake topping then let me know!

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    Shrove Tuesday or pancake day is Mardi Gras in some parts of the USA it’s the day before lent or Ash Wednesday traditionally a day for fatty foods or pancakes not sure whether that particular delicacy is eaten at Mardi Gras though

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