For some unknown reason here in England we seem to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day more than St. George’s Day. Maybe it’s the music? Or maybe everybody shares my Irish obsession!

Anybody who knows me will know that I have an unbelievable fetish for the Irish. No, I don’t have any Irish blood in me, I’m just simply obsessed with the place. I think it all started when I fell for this Irish guy I worked with (cue the violins). He lived here in England for a little while and then moved back to Ireland, hence my song Ireland. That kicked started the Irish obsession for me.

Pals…nearly everybody has their eyes closed

Ironically, soon after he left my family and I took a trip to Dublin (don’t worry I wasn’t stalking him). It had been planned for a while, just a nice family holiday. I absolutely fell in love with the place. The whole family loved it, so much so that we went back for my brother’s 18th with some mates. There’s one particular bar that I love called The Merchants Arch. If you’re going to Dublin then go to The Merchants Arch! Every night there turns into a party. I’d say one of the best in Temple Bar. It’s decorated nice with great food and live music all day and all night. Food, drink and live music makes me a happy person. I love everything about Dublin, especially the accents. But what I loved the most was the music, it’s so infectious. And when the beat kicks in…in my mind I think Irish music is my version of house music. If a club is playing all that dubstep shit then I ain’t bovered. But drop an Irish tune and I’m there.

Amy playing the air banjo, me playing the rosé bottle…

So the guy I liked from Ireland…just so happened that the weekend I went to Dublin he went back to Essex. Gutted. That right there sums up my unfortunate love life. But not to worry, because when we went to The Merchants Arch there was an extremely attractive musician to keep my mind off matters. Irish accent + a guitar + a nice face, what more could you want?

I’d love to go back to Ireland, I’d like to see parts outside of Dublin because I bet there’s some beautiful areas. Plus I wanna hear that music live again. I love it so much but it’s so different to the music I play, it would seem a bit random throwing a completely different genre into my set just for shits and giggles. I’ve always been searching for an excuse to bang out the Irish stuff…and I finally have!

TOMORROW NIGHT (Friday 17th March) I’m doing a gig with my FULL 7-piece band ‘The Vintage Youth’ at YE OLDE ROSE AND CROWN pub in Walthamstow, and because it’s St. Patrick’s Day I’m going to be playing 45 minutes worth of Irish tunes! I’m bloody excited. It’s a really lovely, spacious pub. FREE ENTRY to the gig and we start at 9pm. I want a lovely, large, pissed, dancing audience. It’s gonna be a lot of fun so I hope you can make it and share my Irish obsession with me!

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  • Clive says:

    Toured Ireland from Shannon round the South to Dublin a few years ago.
    The country that wherever you go you know a song about it.
    Loved it

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