My First Residency!


So last night (17.08.17) I performed at The LightHouse Bar in Shoreditch. It’s pretty new, it used to be called The Bedroom Bar but has recently reopened as The LightHouse. I used to gig at this venue when it was The Bedroom Bar back at Christmas time and they were some of the most fun gigs I’ve done. The place was always rammed with good vibes so I was looking forward to returning.

However because the venue is new, I realised I’d have to do a bit of work on bringing in a crowd. So an hour before the gig I became one of those leaflet people in the street that you avoid. I marched up and down and round Rivington Street with my leaflets like a mad woman approaching crowds outside bars who looked like they were in an ‘out out’ kinda mood. I got a mix of responses. My opening line would be, “Hey, are you going out tonight and fancy seeing some live music from me and my band? You should because we’re really good.” There were groups who’d respond with things like, “I have work tomorrow morning,” or, “I have to feed the dog,” or, “Ah I’m tired, been working all day,” to which I’d reply with something friendly and charismatic like, “Oh I see, you’re boring.” One grotty cretin thought I was offering a threesome – at least he was able to make himself laugh. And there were other groups who seemed promising and up for it but then there would be the pregnant member who would put a downer on it and insist that everybody goes home with her. As you can probably tell I’m really good at self promoting.

So the gig started fairly quiet, however there were some very supportive people who had come down to see us which was cool! But once we got going and the band were doing their thing and I was gesturing to passers by through the window to come in, the place did begin to fill up and it was as fun as always. By the end of the night the gaff was full and we had ’em dancing. What’s even better is we were offered a residency there!

From now on EVERY THURSDAY from 8pm, myself and The Vintage Youth will be at The LightHouse in Shoreditch. It’s a quirky little bar with a cool stage that I fell inlove with when I first ever gigged there. It’s the ideal place to finally try and a build a following. So if you would like to come and see us for a night of jazz, soul, ska, booze and dancing, then come down to The LightHouse on a Thursday night and bring your family and friends!


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