I remember the gig at the Grand Opera House in York as a fun one.

But before I talk about the gig, I need to tell you about the day before…



We stayed at Poplar Farm Caravan Park which was beautiful.

We woke up to this lovely day and had a great morning. We’d heard that York was really pretty so we wanted to visit this historical city. Where we were parked there was a sign that said…

We thought, ‘Yeah, we can walk that in 45 minutes.’ Marco had already started walking long before to meet his girlfriend at York Station. Once we were good and ready, we started to head off on our merry way…


We started off well, passing some nice sights on our way.

Bishopthorpe Palace

We continued to walk for an hour. I looked at my map, we weren’t even halfway there! We’d walked into the middle of bumf*ck nowhere. There was no form of life around. The closest Uber was 20 minutes away. And then it started to rain. Our options were to carry on walking for an hour in the rain, wait 20 minutes for an uber in the rain, or walk back to the pub that we’d passed 10 minutes ago in the rain. We opted for the latter.

At least we tried to walk to York!

We stumbled into ‘The Ebor Inn’, soaked and cold from the rain. We thought we’d have a couple of pints whilst we wait for the rain to stop and then continue our trek back…

Still raining and the thought of walking further becoming more and more unbearable, we decided to stay! A few rounds in and we had got chatting to the Reeson’s – a crazy local couple. We were drinking and talking and laughing and singing…

…meanwhile we realised we were still without Marco. Where had that ‘crazy’ Italian got to. Did he get himself lost, like we had? Or worse…had a BREXIT van kidnapped him and taken him over the border? Who knows.

(QUOTE OF THE DAY: ‘Where the f*ck is Marco?’)

Sure enough Marco walks in with his girlfriend a few hours later, they’d managed to find an Uber.

The Reeson’s Kindly drove us back to our campsite and in return we gave them free guest passes for the York show the following day.



I woke up to a sore throat thinking it was just from all the alcohol and singing from last night. Looked in the mirror and my tonsils looked like they’d caught the plague. A perfect time for tonsillitis.

A complete contrast to my ugly tonsils was this beautiful, beautiful theatre…

This gig was AMAZING. The crowd were so much fun from the second we walked on stage. They laughed at all of my stupid jokes, they clapped and danced along to ‘Told Me To Go Home.’ Plus the crazy Mr & Mrs Reeson from last night showed up which was great!

The people of York are pretty awesome.


  • Mike Kent says:

    Hi Georgia, what happened to the rest of the top 10?
    I have enjoyed reading how the tour went.


  • Darren says:

    Met you guys as I was assisting my great aunt into the car after the show and I shouted “Ye were great, love that “Ireland” song especially” (and then had a baby from dirty dancing “I carried a watermelon” moment)

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