I started my course of antibiotics on this day for my tonsillitis. No booze for a week, I wasn’t happy.

What cheered me up was when we arrived at the Opera House in Blackpool. The boys went off to find the stage door to load in. They were gone for AGES. I was sat in the Passion Wagon wondering where they’d gone, then suddenly there was heavy knocking on the door with men shouting, “Open up, you can’t park here, you gotta move the van.” I thought…

Yeah I’d driven the Passion Wagon a couple of times but I weren’t about to start driving it around a busy town in Blackpool. I hate parallel parking in my Fiat let alone a bloody 7-berth motorhome. Maybe if I just stay quiet then they’ll go away. But then what if I get towed away in the van? So I composed myself and went to the door…

The boys came back wearing hi-vis jackets and hardware helmets. Apparently the attire was compulsory as there was building work going on by the stage door.

I laughed. I laughed and laughed and laughed because they looked hilarious. I stopped laughing when I found out I had to wear the same…

We had fun with it though and came up with some alter egos. In deep voices…

ME: “I’m Bev”
HARRY: “I’m Trev”
MARTYN: “I’m Kev”
MARCO: (Italian accent) “I’m Dave”

We were entertained.

Once we had loaded in we went for a walk along Blackpool pier to see the big brown sea.

The gig was great. Blackpool Opera House was a very cool looking theatre.


We did really well at merch and Blackpool is where we first me a lovely group of sassy ladies who by the end of the tour became my ‘backing singers’.

I also encountered my very first anonymous vandalism at this gig. Someone had scribbled “Georgia is a smarmy c***” on one of my leaflets and had poked the eyes out of me boat race. Lol – fair play babe, you have a point.

After the gig Crazy Marco took us to a jam night. I’d love to say I had a fun night but I was still on antibiotics…

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Georgia is a smarmy c***”

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