This date isn’t memorable for the most generic reasons. Honestly this was probably the hardest day of tour for me. I had a second attack of tonsillitis and it was the most painful thing (yes this is the part where you get your mini violins out).

I’d heard that the city of Bath was very pretty, I wouldn’t know as I only really got to see Boots Pharmacy. When the pharmacist took a look at my throat even she looked disgusted. I slept most of the day. Wow this is an interesting blog.

Let’s skip to the venue. It was a lovely space…

Managed to get through sound check. Little Louie joined me in drinking lots of water.

After that I sat in the dressing room. When I say ‘dressing room’ I mean a big, empty, dull room with no chairs and an itchy carpet. I laid down on the itchy floor with all kinds of pain killing, throat numbing medication and a large tub of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream feeling extremely sorry for myself. 

I dosed up on everything that wasn’t illegal and got ready for the show. 

At 7.25pm I went to the side of stage to go on. Harry says to me, “You alright?” I said, “I feel bit dizzy and weird.” He said, “How many Ibuprofen tablets have you taken today?” I said, “I dunno, 4? Maybe 6?” H goes, “Since when?” I said, “In the past 4 hours.” H told me off. But the pain! I had to get rid of the pain!

I was as high as a f***ing kite on Ibuprofen. Rock n roll.

I’d love to say the gig went well, but honestly I can’t remember it.


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