So I recently turned 21. I think your 21st and your 18th should be memorable, and both of mine definitely were. Once upon a time I was 18. On my birthday I was treated to a fabulous night at The Savoy in London. Very lucky indeed. I was soooo excited, my family and I met for breakfast and headed to The Savoy. Throughout the day we were joking around, because we heard that APPARENTLY Tom Jones stays at The Savoy when he’s filming ‘The Voice.’ We’re Tom lovers in the Crandon family. All day long we were singing ‘Delilah.’

My sophisticated bunch and I in the lobby.

Making use of a perfectly good wall.

I can safely say, my vocals weren’t on top form at this point.

So the evening came, my friends turned up all glamorous, and we had dinner. We had an incredible night dancing (we definitely brought the Essex to The Savoy). A few bottles of rosé later, I was pulling out my Tina Turner moves to ‘Proud Mary’ of course – the waiter got an eyefull alright. But when midnight came it was time to wrap up the party. I made my way to reception to see my friends off. I thought that would be the end of the surprises. As I was making my way back to the family, through my blurred (tipsy) vision, I saw that I had to face a very slippery, marble staircase whilst wearing stilettos and a skin tight dress…whilst the room was spinning in my head. I walked down the staircase very slowly, taking one step at a time, I think I was holding arms out for balance – classy. Just like I’d feared, I missed a step and fell backwards. Just like in the movies, I landed in a pair of arms that came out of nowhere. A deep voice said, “Watch your step there love.” In a drunken, Essex slur, I said, “Oh my God I’m so sorry.” I turned round to see who my saviour was, and through my blurry eye-sight I saw a mane of curly, silver locks. I thought, ‘no way,’ and quickly looked again. It was Tom Jones. I shit you not. Tom Jones had just caught me from falling down the stairs. I COULD have died. So Tom Jones had saved my life – well that’s how I like to describe it anyway.


My mum and my cousin had just witnessed the whole thing. My mum went into complete ‘fangirl’ mode. We sneakily followed Tommy to the toilets. Don’t worry, we didn’t go IN the toilets. But my dad did! Yes, we are THAT family. Anyway when Mr Jones came out of the toilets he was kind enough to wish me a happy birthday and have a quick chat with the family, my nan especially. Beside the fact that we were talking to the legendary Tom Jones (all thanks to me nearly falling down the stairs), it was just the irony of it all. The fact that we’d been singing Tom Jones’ songs earlier in the day, joking about if we bumped into him…which we then did. Life is full of MAD coincidences sometimes.

Finally we got a picture to remind us of the incredible experience. A very memorable 18th. And that’s the story of how Tom Jones saved my life.

I started this blog by saying that I had turned 21 recently. That too was a memorable day, which I will save for another blog. However, my 21st birthday gift was a remix of my first single “The Girl” produced by Adrian Hall. You can have a listen to the remix here

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