So you might be aware that I’ve been working on some new music lately, or you might not be…but it’s happening. Oh yes.

This September I’m gonna be releasing my new EP ‘El Reco’ which features legendary bass player Dave Swift and the original ‘Rude Boy’ from The Specials, Neville Staple. The EP will feature 3 tracks;

  1. Ireland (Remix)
  2. Sing To You
  3. Told Me To Go Home

‘Ireland’ was one of my first songs from my old EP, however it’s been remixed with some funky toasting from Neville to bring out the Ska vibes. ‘Sing To You’ and ‘Told Me To Go Home’ are new though so I’m excited for you to hear them!

A lot of people ask me about the name of the new EP and why ‘El RECO’. Back when we recorded the tracks, I didn’t have a clue what to call the EP. But trombone is one of my favourite instruments, and apparently is one of Neville’s faves too. Plus Dave originally played trombone before he learnt to play bass, so in the studio we very quickly got to talking about the late and great trombone player Rico Rodriguez. Rico originally performed in The Specials alongside Neville, and in his later career played with the Jools Holland Orchestra therefore Dave knew him pretty well too. Both Neville and Dave were telling me their own stories about the amazing Rico, whose nickname to close friends was apparently El Reco. I loved that name and thought it wrapped up the EP nicely. So yeah, ‘El Reco’, for Rico.

I cannot thank Neville Staple and Dave Swift enough for their input and support in making this EP. A massive thank you also goes out to all of the band members and production team that put their time and efforts into making this CD possible, often with little or no reward. In no particular order they are;

Neil Tollitt: Mixing and Mastering (The Premises Studios)
Neville Staple: Lead Vocals and Backing Vocals
Ollie Etherington: Keys, Rhythm Guitar
Dave Swift: Double Bass
Andres Pellegrino: Drums
Chris Colbran: Trombone & Horn arrangements
Nick Cochrane: Trumpet
Sam Houghton: Tenor Saxophone & Horn arrangements
Glen Johnson: Baritone Saxophone, Flute and Clarinet
Bridie Birkinshaw: Backing Vocals and BV arrangements
Lucy Davenport: Backing Vocals

I promise you that if we break through your efforts will not go unrewarded.

Another bit of exciting new, ‘Sing To You’ is being aired for the first time THIS SATURDAY 24th June on BBC ESSEX Introducing between 8pm and 9pm. After that you will be able to listen to the track via the BBC’s iplayer.

I would love to hear what you think of the new track and the new EP so please comment below.

Click here or below to view a video promo for the new EP ‘EL RECO’.

Laters x


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